Full-time Kansas City, MO

Financial MD&A commentary accompanying the financials explaining:

·       Growth of various revenue items

·       Gross / EBITDA margin drivers in the quarter




·       Updated orgchart

·       M&A execution, integration, financing

·       Outlook for next quarter / year (revenue growth, staff growth, new yards planned, acquisitions)



·       New yard expansion

·       Notable trends at existing mature / maturing yards

·       Equipment acquisition and utilization

·       Rental revenue by yard and by market by month

·       Rental retention cohorts – dollar retention cohorts updated end of every quarter

·       New rental customers added by month

·       Ongoing rental gross margin

·       Split of rentals by company owned vs. contractor owned



·       Monthly ARR waterfall: new logo sales, upsell, downsell, churn – both from a ‘booked’ ARR and a ‘live’ ARR standpoint

·       # of new customers added per month

·       Total implementation backlog at end of quarter

·       Average price / machine for new sales per quarter

·       Pipeline at beginning of quarter