Full-time United States

Requirements ● Proficiency with CI/CD tools (Jenkins, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, GitLabCI) ● Proficiency with automation/configuration management tools such as Ansible, Salt Stack, Terraform, Puppet, and Chef. ● Proficiency with scripting languages (bash, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Perl). ● Able to work in both Linux and Windows based environments and associated code frameworks (eg .NET) ● Working experience with cloud based infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCE) ● Experience with containers, microservice architectures and orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes) ● Experience with Application level monitoring (APM) ● Experience with System level monitoring (Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus) ● Experience working with API and ETL endpoints (e.g. REST, SOAP, XML,JSON). ● Experience with automation and deployment templates for relational and nosql databases such as MSSQL, MySQL, PostGreSQL, MongoDB. ● 5+ years of experience working in software engineering, with at least 2 years working in development operation type roles ● Ability to quickly learn new technologies ● AWS Certified Cloud Practioner or Architect preferred ● Work well under pressure and thrive in a demanding environment 


● Work with Director of Site Reliability to define and implement Dev/Ops practices across clients ● Analyze, design, and build CI/CD pipelines ● Design, build, and manage cloud infrastructure using automated processes (infrastructure as code) ● Implement access and security controls, including security groups, profiles, permissions, and key management strategy ● Install and configure monitoring and logging tools and set up client dashboards ● Complete documentation and procedures for installation and maintenance. ● Perform system audits of client environments ● Create Release and Deployment Plans ● Provide installation and patching support ● Provide production on call support, troubleshooting, and root cause analysis ● Maintain processing environment high uptime ● Collaborate with Architecture and Development teams to implement highly available solutions ● Maintain and expand on existing automated deployment scripts, reporting, and remediation tools