Backend Software Engineer

Full-time Kansas City, MO

Backend Software Engineer

About the Position 
We're looking for an experienced backend software engineer to help build out our platform. Most of our backend work is in Python. 

About You 
We're looking for people who don't need to be managed. We'll point you in the right direction, and give you the freedom to make decisions and execute. We're a startup, and everyone wears many hats. Most of us have areas that we have ownership of, but as a team we're very flexible. Communication is especially important for a remote team. You need to detach your ego from your ideas. When communicating by text, you assume the sender has good intentions. You know that text is a poor medium to convey emotions, and you're not quick to anger with someone offers honest criticism. Similarly, you know that words have meaning, and you choose them wisely. You care about best practices, and you continuously try to improve yourself. You value automated testing, and you understand that it's important to be able to make changes without fear of uncaught regressions.  

Team Location 
We're currently focusing on growing our engineering team in Kansas City. We've operated as a remote team from the beginning, and each person is encouraged to work in an environment where they're comfortable. We've recently opened up an office in Kansas City, and plan to significantly expand our team there. We do have a lot of flexibility in our schedules, but currently we're only considering applicants who live within 2 hours of Central timezone. At this time we are only open to residents of the USA.


Example situations that you could build tools for: 
 * Help companies run efficient job sites by monitoring their equipment utilization  
* Decrease fuel costs by optimizing rental scheduling and transportation 
* Use telematics data to manage equipment maintenance, and preventatively dispatch mechanics 
* Integrate with accounting systems to automate rental management and invoicing


You should have several years of development experience, and be comfortable working with a team that moves very quickly.

Compensation, Benefits, and Perks 
  • Pick out the machine/monitors/peripherals you want to work on 
  • Flexible schedule and work environment 
  • Generous vacation packages 
  • Competitive salary and equity 
  • 401k Medical, vision, and dental benefits